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Event Info [ Edit ]
Name Hirsch Observatory Open to Public
Start time 2009/02/07 20:00
End time 2009/02/07 22:00
Building Jonsson-Rowland Science Center ,room Hirsch Observatory
Event type
Part of

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[edit] Event Location details

Location name: Jonsson-Rowland Science Center (It has alternative name(s): J-ROW, Jonsson, Science Center, J-rowl, Jonsson-Rowland Science Center, homepage of the location:

[edit] Event Description

The Hirsch Observatory will be open to the public for astronomical viewing with the 16" diameter dome telescope and other telescopes every Saturday until November 14th. The observatory is located on the roof of the science center. Come help celebrate the 2009 International Year of Astronomy!

Observing is weather permitting. When the weather is uncooperative, there will be Astronomy programs shown in observatory or in room 2C30 of the Science Center.

Facts about RSSEvent00000608RDF feed
Has end time 7 February 2009 22:00  +
Has location Jonsson-Rowland Science Center  +
Has room Hirsch Observatory  +
Has start time 7 February 2009 20:00  +
Has title Hirsch Observatory Open to Public  +
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